Abide in Jesus

abide in jesus

Abide today in Jesus.  He is inside us, we need to turn that inside out and be in Him.  Bask in His love.  Breathe in Holy Spirit and relax into His embrace.  Let Him carry you and enjoy every moment.  Let His light shine through you in kindness.

Ahhh, to me that is the most wonderful feeling that I want to carry through every minute of the day.  I hope you can feel it too.


Ephesians 4:32 Be KIND

be kind to one another

As we get closer and closer to these elections, we must be more kind to one another.  I saw a really good meme on Facebook the other day–we are all sharing our opinions because we are so frustrated.  But in all reality we aren’t changing anyone’s mind, we are only upsetting each other even more.  We are causing deeper rifts.  I am as guilty as anyone.  But no more.

We must let go of our differences and focus on the future.  And being kind and forgiving is the first step.

I will admit, it is my favorite thing about small town life–the kindness.  Everywhere I go I am acutely aware of how each person goes out of their way to be kind to one another no matter the skin color, no matter the denomination, no matter the appearance, no matter the economic status.  They are polite, they wave in greeting.  It is the little things that have built a culture of kindness.

Do that in your community wherever it be.  Be kind.


Psalm 121 Iowa version

life my eyes up farm

I am going to look to the gorgeous plains here.  Not a lot of hills in our area…in fact one neighborhood is referred to as “the” hill. LOL

But it is fine with me.  One of my favorite views here is a wide expanse of rolling prairie.  The farmers are very hard at work all hours of the day trying to bring in the harvest.  That view is amazing to me–it shows the vastness of God’s reach, of His mighty creation, of how He provides even in the midst of evil and nature working against what we humans might think we need.  I see treasures being stored in bins, and I also see treasures in heaven being stored as a people are thankful and hopeful and trusting no matter what the outcome of the sale of the grain.

God will help us.  If not here, then in our hearts and in His heaven.  Blessed be His name.  Hallelujah.



Isaiah 26:2 Open the gates

open the gates

This is a good time to enter into the faith, that is for sure.  Let us open the gates wide and help other people see the hope that we have, the faith that can keep us sure of our future.

It was the same worries thousands of years ago during Isaiah’s time.  We too will survive anything evil on this earth will send our way.  We too will be in heaven for the eternity, the majority of time, with our Savior.


John 16:33: He has OVERCOME

take heart I have overcome

Here ya go, everyone worried about these elections:  Life will go on.  We will have trouble, that is a given.  But those of us who believe in Christ, we have HOPE.  Because our leader, the greatest leader of all time, the one with the longest tenure, the one with the most reach, the most powerful, the most creative, the most loving, the fairest–He, God incarnate through Jesus Christ, has overcome this place we call earth.

No matter what happens in government, we can still keep on doing our thing.  Others have proved it in countries where religion isn’t even allowed.  We can still go about our day to day living and loving others like Jesus.  We can prove His greatness through our actions of peace and love.  We can look forward to the time to come.  And we can spread that hope through our people–it is going to be needed.

Maybe this is all planned–maybe this will help more people turn to God.  Just maybe people will see that corruption and greed and disgusting lives don’t pay off in joy, but believing does.


1 Peter 4:10

serve with gifts

God has given each a different package to unwrap and use to His glory.  No two are alike.  They may seem like the same gift, but each is uniquely ours.  Let us be excited to unwrap our unique present, to enjoy it, savor it, and use it to His glory to serve one another.  For if we never share it, it loses its luster and importance.  Do not be afraid to bring it out as a beacon of light for others that can lead them to Jesus.  He chose each gift specifically for each of us.  He has trusted us with it.  He is excited to see how we will react.  How we will explore it.  How we will make it into so much more.


John 5:25

very truly time

The time is now for us to hear God.  The time is now for us to live and love like Jesus.  The time to go be with Jesus in heaven could be soon–as an individual or as a group.  We never know.  But we can be ready.


Psalm 84:5

depend on God's strength

If David could do it, so can I.  I need the strength that only God can provide.  I know that He will bless me with His presence.  Just as He provided for David.  Like a warm heat, let His strength fill you from within, in every cell.


Phlippians 2:13–At Work

enabling you to work

So did you think of practicing the pause to notice yourself?  Sometimes it can be easy to remember to be thankful for all sorts of other things, but to take credit for our own work.  When really, especially if we let Him, it is all God.  It is Him, working in us, through us, with us, to create wonderful things to be thankful for.  Pause and notice Him working in you today–something that would please God.


Ephesians 3:20 Exceedingly


Now that is a praise and thanks statement!  To Him be the glory in all that we do.  For He is abundantly, exceedingly, beyond awesome and wonderful.  Practice the pause today and look for one of His works.  And be amazed.


Thanks and praise

give thanks and praise every day

So my quick recommendation for giving thanks and praise today:  streaming radio.  I miss having 3 different contemporary Christian music stations to listen to.  I have Pandora, but then I miss out on new songs.  I started streaming my favorite in Chicago…Shine.fm.  Love it.  I play it in my classroom while I am working.  Always gets my praise back on.  If you don’t have access to newer music where you live, I highly recommend doing it this way.



guardian angel

Good morning…as you have seen I haven’t had a lot of extra time to write lately.  But I am trying to post verses and art to inspire all of us…even me.

I need my guardian angel.  I sure seem to be screwing up my fair share.  No matter how hard I try to do the right thing, I upset someone, or someone upsets me.  I think my expectations are too high again.  I might need a reality check.  Or maybe this is one of those seasons.

Well, anyway, what I really want my angel to do is to just remind me to keep trying, to keep turning to God.  I know it can’t protect me from everything.  I know I need trials.  I just need that little flutter and whisper.

How about you?


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