Faith is Confidence

faith is confidenceAnd then I came across this gem of a verse in Hebrews.

Children have mastered this.  Jesus knew that, that is why He wanted children close to Him and exalted their faith, teaching that all of us should be so lucky to have that kind of belief.

I made all of those little bubble/cellular things thinking of all the little things we as adults do believe in.  It is easy for us to believe science that there are stars millions of miles away, and teensy tiny neutrons and such creating our world.

I made them thinking of all things unseen little kids believe in and are aware of that are unseen.  And they could care less about neutrons.  They seem to understand early what is important, don’t they?

I want to be more child-like in my faith.  I see Jesus’ point.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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