Celebrate with Trumpets

blow the trumpet

Let’s celebrate our confidence in faith.  Get out there and enjoy the seen and unseen.  Get out there and enjoy our faith in the unseen.  Celebrate the confidence we can have that we are strong, even in our weakest moments.

That is a lot to celebrate.  Those are reasons to blow the trumpet.  All the time.

Even the lonely call of taps is a celebration of a job well done and a day well spent.  A call to celebration and strength of what has been, and what can be.

And isn’t that what sharing our faith should be???   Celebrating light and love.  Keeps rolling around to that for me.  Light and love.  Not rants and raving on sins, but sharing the celebration and calling others to gratitude.  And obedience just seems to follow in gratitude for the celebration.  Have you ever noticed that?

Yes, let’s blow the trumpet.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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