St. Maarten Paintings

I thought I would share each of my morning paintings with you today from last week.  I don’t paint in “realism” very often anymore, so these stretched me a bit.  It felt good to challenge myself.   I am not even sure I shared all of these with my family while we were there.  LOL  I would get back to the room and it was time to get ready for other things, but I don’t want to leave these hidden in my files–that isn’t the purpose of art.  Well, sometimes it is, but not this time.  🙂Scan-002

They were trimming the Bougainvillea  bushes everywhere and I couldn’t resist picking some up to paint and put in a vase…so these kind men trimmed some with longer branches for me.  Scan-003

The view from our balcony over the ocean overlooking the opening into Oyster Bay.Scan-004

The staff called this the “pirate boat”…it is stripped down and just rusting, but really cool.  The bay is actually full of sailboats and such, I just ignored them.  🙂Scan-005

I cannot find the name of this little bird, staff just called it a yellow breast.  This little guy was shy, it took some concentration to draw him quickly!  And he has a funny little song–kind of scratchy.  Scan-006

Some of the shells the kids picked up in Phillipsburg.Scan-007

The iguanas were all out resting on the rocks by the Bodega one morning.  Scan-008

Pots of flowers.  🙂Scan-009

I had actually drawn this before we went!  But I painted down there thinking of the women in church singing and all the bright colors they wore for Easter–and all the time.

I hope you enjoyed these.  Have a great day.  I am trying to remember to look for the beauty in my everyday here back in Chi-land.  Maybe I will inspire you to look for some in your place!

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