Chosen Portion

You see, we are all choosing to make God our Lord.  We are choosing to recognize that He is our Savior.  We know that we have a portion of His heart and we choose to fill our cups with that love and peace.

Over the years I would tell my kids that each morning Mommy woke up with a big pitcher of patience.  And I would have to pour out a little each time I needed it to parent them.  Sometimes the pitcher was still full that night.  Sometimes it was spilled early in the day and then that made the rest of the day harder.

But imagine this:  God’s pitcher of patience never runs out with us.  His cup of love and peace and understanding for us is always full because only He can constantly replenish it.

I think too of all the stops to McDonald’s I have made these sports seasons for Coca Cola to keep me moving.  And that last slurp, the shake that maybe there is magically more stuck between the ice (why do I do that?), and the frown of sadness that I know I make.

God has free refills.  And you don’t have to stop at a specific place to get them.  They are constant.  Why would we not seek that? Our lot, our portion with God is neverending.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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