I read this in a new context.  I always think of “magnify” in terms of “worship”, “praise,” or “exalt.”  But this fall I did a unit I called “Looking Closer” with the kids at school.  It encouraged stopping and peering at the tiniest bits of creation and how it is artfully designed.  I put a variety of photos on a bulletin board with a magnifiying glass so they could look really close.

And this made me think…how am I a magnifying glass for Christ?  If Christ is in my heart am I enlarging, boosting, maximizing, amplifying (synonyms are so fantastic!) how others see faith?  God?  Jesus?

Or do they see an exaggeration and hypocrite?

If we are a lens to how people see Christians we must make sure we are enhancing the life of Jesus by emulating his life and teachings.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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