A New Kind of Chameleon

IMG_0001-001Sometimes I have been the chameleon:  I used to think if I looked the part, that would make my talents shine more.  It has made for crazy fashion choices.

Some of my favorite things that I thought made me “look artsy”:  tall laced up boots, flowy skirts, flannel shirts, unitards, clogs, birkenstocks, hippie patterns, overalls, spiked hair.  Some have been successful looks, some not so much.  **Note: I also have attempted “trendy” looks with not great results also.

Other people’s perceptions have not always been “artsy” but:  little boy, Mennonite, homeless person.  Seriously.

Now, I go with what I like:  COLOR– love me some color, stuff that is warm–part of the reason I love the scarf trend and follow it religiously, shoes that do not make my legs ache, clothes that cover–I have always loved long skirts.

Sometimes my art has been the chameleon:  I thought if I drew like someone or copied their techniques or followed the scrapbooking trends that it would make my art better.

Now:  I go with what I like– COLOR, flowy, comfy, wordy.  Me.

I am no longer a chameleon trying to blend in, but a chameleon proud of my colors and talents and ready to stand on my own.



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