A cuppa

Today is in honor of friends, close and aquaintance, near and far.

IMG_0002No matter whether the cup is filled with water, juice, coffee, tea, or even wine, I love to sit and chat with my girlies.  I love that the British call it a cuppa (at least I think that is where it comes from).  Such a fun, gracious way to name it.  And it can be filled with anything–just like the conversation.  And those are my favorite talks and listens, the ones that veer off on tangents and include laughter, tears, insights, and goofiness.  All the things a good friend chat should have.  So here is a Valentine to all my friends, actually male and female, that I have ever shared a cuppa with, or at least should.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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