God’s Top Ten


I found this kid friendly version of the ten commandments on Pinterest.  I loved the simplicity of the wording.  I am going to hang this in our homeschool room and go over it with the kids.  Have it up as a constant reminder for them.

But more importantly , I need it for me.

There is something about seeing it broken down into such simple words, don’t you think?  Really God wants us to follow some pretty simple guidelines.  All of these help us show others LOVE.

As I painted this I thought about it a lot.  And then I sat there and stared at this piece.  And I knew.  God wanted me to paint this for me, for adults, as well as for kids.  We all need to see this and be reminded.

We are HUMAN.  No matter how good we think we are, we all break ALL of these.  ALL the time.  We NEED God’s grace daily because we are human.  We can try as hard as we like, but we all break these consistently when we look at the basic premise behind each one.

I do not always put God first.  I let other committments get in the way.

I believe in One God, in Jesus Christ.  But do I let money get the best of me?

Ugh, naughty, mean, judgemental words slip out all the time.

I try to rest.  Really, really I do.  The world does not make it easy.

I know I have hurt my parents.

Hurt NO ONE.  Holy snow, I wish I could I say this is the one I haven’t committed, but when you put it that way…

I cheat, I don’t give things my all, I cut corners.

Even this one.  Have I stolen ideas?

I really try to tell the truth.

Jealousy.  This one is bad.  Pinterest can be such a great resource.  It also makes me want a more pulled together house, better art, healthier food, more exercise, artsy clothes and jewelry.  Material stuff.  Naughty.

How can I expect my kids to follow these perfectly when I don’t?

That is going to be part of our ongoing discussion.  That we can’t.  And that really, God doesn’t expect us too.  He wants us to try, but really, He knows.  We are Human.  Duh, that’s why he sent Jesus!  That is why He has grace.  That is why we need to believe in that amazing miracle of GRACE through Christ.

Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t try to follow these and be our best human selves.  To stretch and grow….more on that tomorrow.

For now, how well do you do with these rules?  How do you teach them?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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