Other Christians

IMG_0003I think I came across this a while ago in my devotions.  I have been thinking a lot about different churches, different religions, different Christian faiths. We are all such different individuals.  Our needs are so different.  We all have different love languages.  Why shouldn’t our faith be different?  Why isn’t it okay among Christians to respect those different needs?

And why shouldn’t we spend time with non Christians, non believers. Even those of different denominations.  Learn, share, and encourage each other.

Jesus did.

He even said.  It will not matter when it comes to judgement.  Because the person who believed for one day is as important as the life long Christian.  Jesus is not partial.

How awesome is that? On the days that I question if my belief is strong enough, “right” enough, vocal enough, service enough I can come back to this. God wants us ALL.  No matter what.  He knows what my needs are.  He knows what I am capable of.  And He accepts that.

And the same goes for you.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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