Looking for the puzzle pieces



I am feeling torn in pieces lately.  I am feeling pulled in a lot of different directions.  In all reality, I know what I need to do, but I am having a hard time just doing it.  I know that when I finally do make the leap that I will find peace.

Life is like a big jigsaw puzzle isn’t it?  I have pieces that are marriage, children, family, friends, food, shelter.  I have pieces that are homeschooling, art, reading books.  I should have more pieces that are exercising.  I have pieces that are baseball, dance, art class, basketball that belong to my kids.  I have pieces that are cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry.  I have pieces that are Jeff’s company.  My faith is woven throughout, holding all the pieces together, but it also has pieces of it’s own.

I have a corner of my puzzle that is broken, a few pieces are lost.  I am frustrated looking for the solution.  How am I going to complete this puzzle?  Several of the other areas are just not fitting together right.  They are jumbled and I need to sit down, organize them, and put them back where they belong.  Or they made need new homes.

Ever feel that way?

What’s funny, is I painted this artwork last fall.  I put a little post it note on my blog calendar to share it today.  God is so great.  How did He know I would need to see this art today?  That I would need to reflect on this very thing?

I know what I am doing this afternoon now.  Of course, a nap is the first order of business, because really, one should never make big decisions without one.  🙂  But after that, I am going to sit down and REALLY prioritize and organize what needs to be done to make all the pieces fit together again.  I need peace.  I am ready for clarity.

Don’t we all?  I hope that you are able to align all of your pieces.  I hope the peace of Jesus floods through you and it all becomes clear.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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