Light my path



Jesus is with us.  He is trying so hard to light our paths, to direct us.  Sometimes it seems like there is a fog hiding the light doesn’t it?  Or maybe even the bulb burned out.  Then other times it feels like He has his brights on and is flashing like crazy in our eyes.  Seriously, there are times when I feel like he took the lamp and hit me over the head.  But then others, I feel like I missed the light switch and fell down the stairs.

You know that puzzle?  I am feeling the last example up there in this case.  I think He has been lighting my path all along and I just missed it.  So God finally took that lamp, not a gorgeous crystal one from West Elm, of course, but a nasty Goodwill one (that I can’t even repaint) and BROKE it right over my head.  BAM.  He was like, “Girlfriend, GET ON WITH IT!  HELLO!”

So no more dragging my feet.  The time has come to walk that yellow brick road of golden light.  The time has come to follow God’s plan and path, not my own.

Oh, Lordy, pray for me.  I will pray for you.  🙂  Maybe we walk our paths together.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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