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My family LOVES survival and natural monster shows.  I don’t even know the names of all of them they watch so many on NatGeo, History, Discovery, etc.  Nothing stops them in their tracks like somebody purposefully lost in a swamp, jungle of Costa Rica, or the forests of Alaska.  Seriously.  They love nothing more than seeing people eat bugs.

The cool thing is we see lots of beautiful places, learn some anthropology (River Monsters is actually excellent for this), survivalist techniques, geography, the scientific method, inventing,  and live vicariously through these people.  That is good tv.  And I really love when it coincides with something we learned in homeschooling.  Bonus!

I especially love the scenery.  It inspires me.  And the journey of it all.

I have been working on path/journey quotes for several clients recently.  In fact, four of my last major projects had this theme.  It makes sense, the journey of life is something that speaks to us all.

I have been writing about my own journey–and how my directions are all mixed up and I need to be centered again.  I love the above image because that is exactly what it shows.  A meandering path through a dry and desolate area, but it ends in the center of a lush green landscape.  A lot like the survivalists in the shows.  We all love when they catch that fish, find that civilization, or are even picked up by a helicopter.  Their faces are always joyous.    I know when I get my path figured out it will refill with joy.

Most of the survivalists do not have compasses to find their way.  They look to the sun.  To the light.  My light is Jesus.  He is my compass on my journey.  He will light my face with joy.  He is yours, too.  And whether they are faithful or not, He is guiding those survivalists as well.  Because, really we are all survivalists in this great big world.

Here’s hoping your paths are clear and destinations are beautiful.  That Jesus is lighting your way.  And that your suvival skills are honed in on Him.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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