Rejoice for He has heard you

IMG_0009Not super happy with this finished work.  Looks better on the computer actually.  But I still like it enough to share with you and to start your weekend.

Do it people.  REJOICE!  Sing!  Because our Savior and Creator rejoices over us every single day.

You should see me walking the dog recently.  I decided I am totally cool with being the crazy lady of the neighborhood (right behind the lady who puts her dog in a stroller to take it for a walk, and the over-exerciser who does 50 laps a day and weighs 60 pounds, and the old man who paints his fence and turns his mulch every single day).  But I digress, I put on my headphones plug into Pandora and I belt my favorite Christian Rock songs because I cannot hear myself and I wave my arms and snap my fingers (too hard to clap with the leash–that didn’t go well) and sometimes I even close my eyes and let Belle lead me, until I end up in a bush.

Okay, maybe craziest lady.  Maybe you shouldn’ t do that.  But you should sing and rejoice with God.  Just saying.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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