Onions, really

IMG_0019-001I have spent the last few years dissecting my own psyche.  Coming back from the brink of a breakdown and re-energizing your faith will bring that on I have learned.  I have studied my past–from my viewpoint, and have tried really hard to look at it from other people’s viewpoints.  I have looked really hard at my present–how the past affected/is currently affecting my current actions and choices, and how I need to move forward with this knowledge.

And really, it is like an onion.

Just when I think I have it all figured out, I peel back another layer and find an even deeper understanding.

I have realized my role in how things played out with my family, my in-laws, my friends over the years, my career, my faith.  There have been times that I blamed a situation on others.  Because I had my truth, and I was only going by that.  I wasn’t taking into account other viewpoints, and what is their truth.  And the more I find myself standing back and thinking, “How did s/he see this?”  The more I am understanding all of our reactions.  All of the assumptions we make.  And I am learning soooo much about myself, layer by layer.

We are human.  We react to our own thinking.  That saying, “Walk a mile in his shoes” or whatever it is, is HARD to do.  No matter how hard we try not to be, we are selfish.  We assume we are right.  We assume everyone is coming from the same thinking (even when we KNOW that is not the truth).  It is a huge part of natural, human survival.

But being able to peel the onion, being able to dig deeper, it is so rewarding.  It is filled with strife, but also peace.  At least for me, it is.  I am learning.  I am re-categorizing.  I am assessing.  I am growing and becoming a better, stronger person.

I highly encourage it.  🙂



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  1. Anonymous June 2, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    I’ve been peeling my own onion as well. Each layer is painful to peel off, but the clarity that lies under each layer is so worth it. Love and hugs to you! This is a great picture!!

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