House week #2


Currently enjoying the hearts and homes of my family.  Iowa is definitely HOME.  The rolling hills of the southwest corner, the quilt of all the different fields connected by white gravel roads that sparkle like diamonds in the sun.  Yes, this pulls my heart strings.  I have lived many places, and still this is what I crave.  There is a wholesomeness to Iowa, a welcoming spirit, an acceptance that I feel here.  It is not perfect by any means. It would not be the right place for everyone.  But I long to be back here more and more.  Plus, it is totally nice to be around family.  🙂

My parents and my sister are in the process of selling homes they used to live in.  I had friends who recently moved across the country, and some across the globe.  It all reminds me, that it is not the houses we live in.  It is the hearts of our loved ones that make it home.  I have struggled with my current location of residence in Illinois, it is not a place I would have chose.  But it is where we are now.  And we have been able to make it a home through some of our dear friends.  And it is where my husband and children are.  It is my heart, and therefore my home.  It may not be my favorite environment, but it is a shelter for our love.  And that is what is important.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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