Houses #4

IMG_0006-003Do you say bedtime prayers?  I am more likely to pray in the morning.  I spend most of the time I am walking/jogging praying–gratitude, intercessions, for God’s leadership and wisdom.  We pray before our meals.  And I do pray most nights with the kids before bed.  (Sometimes they out last me and Jeff tucks them in, there are some nights I completely crash.)  I grew up saying Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Jesus Tender Shepherd, and the Lord’s Prayer.  I say those with my kids.  But lately I have been saying a special prayer for each of them.  Each child gets a variation of this:

Dear God, Be with **** tonight.  Fill their dreams with wonderful ___ and help them feel safe.  Help his/her body grow tonight and be healthy…without hurting (because lots of growing pains lately).  Thank you for keeping **** safe all day and be with them tomorrow.  We thank you for ****’s special talents______.  We ask you to forgive them for ____ and help them do _____ better tomorrow.  Fill his/her brain with ____, the heart with ____, and their day with _____.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.  We are usually asking for patience, compassion, wisdom, love, all sorts of things.

It has been great.  Each child really responds to this kind of individual, personal attention.  I still think learning the other prayers are important, but I think they feel a closer relationship to Jesus this way.  What songs and prayers are in your home?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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