So I was saying, I need to refresh and find more humor in life.  The artworks I had scheduled this week are hands.  And that works perfectly.  I can see God reaching out and holding me.  Guiding me.  Reaching out to others.  Trying to help others.

This song has been stuck in my head.  I have many friends going through some really, really tough stuff.   Please take a second and listen to this:

JJ Heller’s song Your Hands

He has got us.  We never leave His hands.  He is leading us.

Right now He is taking me by the hand and leading me to refresh.

I made a HUGE decision last week. I am going to take a YEAR LONG Sabbatical from volunteering.  I am going to say NO. Crazy for me I know.

I am going to refresh myself.  I am going to refresh my family.  I am going to help refresh some of my friends.  I am going to rest in his steadfast love and faithfulness. I am going to focus on art.  I am going to use my art to do a lot of that refreshing.  I can use it as a service.

 But I am not volunteering.

I am going to hold others in my hands and show them love, faith, humor, and refreshment.  I am going to make humor a big part of that.  I am going to smile even more.  I am going to laugh even more.  I am going to infuse my art with all of that.

My hubby is crazy excited about this.  He is not sure I can do it.  But we are both sure hoping that I can.  🙂

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

2 Responses to Refreshing

  1. jill siegler August 3, 2014 at 10:14 am #

    I am also taking a year of from from volunteering g…my mother died this summer and I have been deeplyt involved in her care for 10 years…. Hospice nurses told me that I needed to take a year off from volunteering to refresh and breathe. We will see how I do but I know God will give me the strength to say no.I hope you can do the same Nicole.
    Blessings jill

  2. Meredith W. August 3, 2014 at 11:45 am #

    Me, I need to get back to volunteering. It’s difficult because of chronic health issues and my last couple of attempts went nowhere. It’s kind of amazing how some non-profits act happy to have a volunteer and then don’t connect well enough to follow through.

    For you, though, that sounds like a good decision, because it’s what YOU need. Glad you have your husband’s support. 🙂

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