Reach out and Touch…Somebody’s Hand



Love this quote.  Not sure who said it.  But do you remember that song… if not…

Diana Ross:  Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand

Come on, you know you know it.  You know you are humming along…Or not…maybe I am just a child of the 70’s.

Man, I am so going to be humming this for days.

That right there, that is my effort at humor injected into the lives of others and at refreshing others.

That artwork is my hand, my crazy crooked fingers, my painted nails, my ring and symbol I belong to Jeff.  That is my table in my home.

I may not change the world with crazy volunteering this year.  But I am going to use these hands to daily touch lives.  Through painting, through typing this blog, through being there for those closest to me.

I am going to reach out and touch you people!  Be ready!


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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