Super Powers of Refreshment



I love this little fairy version of me.  Unfortunately this one has the red hair.  (Which by the way will not be returning, I like my dark punky shortness and if it goes white so be it because the red drove me nuts.)

I digressed as usual.

My super power is not volunteering.  It is not planning super events.  It is not organizing.  Yeah, I can do a good job when I focus, and I enjoy  it to some extent.  But it is not my super power.

I knew this was my super power.  I just ignored it for other things.  I was not focused.  Imagine that.

So now, in my new phase (Refreshment and Humor) of stretching and growing into God’s plans for me I am going to use my SUPER POWER.  I even have a cape  I made back when I was teaching.  It is rainbow on one side and silver sparkles on the other.  I was super art teacher in it.  And you know why???  Because it brought out my kindness, it brought out the humor,  it brought out that I cared about touching those little munchkins everyday with art.  I knew it back then.  And I forgot.  I lost focus.  Teaching art for our Bible school made me remember even more.  I LOVE teaching art to little people.  LOVE it.  Art, teaching, kindness.

I am going to wear my cape.  I am going to be super artist, super teacher.  I am going to be super ME.  Super kind.  Super silly.

So what is your super power?  I have been talking a lot about me lately.  Let me know about you!

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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  1. Leanne August 9, 2014 at 7:31 am #

    Yes!!! Love this . . . every part of it!!! I am not sure of my super power, yet . . . But you have me thinking! 🙂

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