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This is the title and tagline for a comedienne I know, Tracy DeGraaf.  Great lady.  She is doing a show at the end of the month and I really want to go.  You should go…I will post the info on the facebook page.

But life happens.  I planned in August things for ME.  I thought…now is the time!  I am going to start recharging Me!  I can do things I enjoy!  I can meet with my friends!  I can make art and sell it!  I am not volunteering, I will have so much more time!

Laugh with me here.  Loud.  Cue lots of moms laughing hysterically.

I was so silly!

I bought tickets to a play, I signed up to go to a retreat through church with good friends, I looked up concerts for favorite Christian bands, I promised to go to the comedy show.  I have a craft show planned.  I am participating in gallery shows.

Uh, huh.  Silly.  I am not sure ANY of that is happening now.

BECAUSE the kids schedules gelled.  I am pretty good about making them only sign up for ONE thing.  I was adamant about this starting in early childhood.  Or at least I THOUGHT so.

But, ONE thing means THREE days a week.  And Phoebe, miss 11 year old, is doing more than ONE.

Plus, we have homeschool and the art lessons I teach.

And there are two of us parents, two cars, and Jeff is coaching.  So now that there is baseball, football, and dance all at the same time and every Friday night, every one, and every Saturday…guess what is getting cut.

Yep.  LAUGH.  THAT IS ALL I CAN DO.  Because otherwise I am going to cry.  I will smile at all of them, and darn it, they better smile back.

But really, I should laugh.  Because I am blessed with three talented children and I love sharing in their joys.  They are important work.  And they make me laugh and smile all the time.

Now I understand why my retired parents are living it up right now….hmmm.  Life happens, doesn’t it?


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