Books anyone?



This comes from Sarah Addison Allen ( one of my fave new authors)…in one of her books the character has a book that will just “show up”.  And sometimes they are disconcerting, sometimes they are a comfort.

How about you?  Do you live with books?  I had another friend call them her “nests.”  She had piles of reading material all over.  Phoebe and I are book nesters.  I like knowing I have all sorts of options around.  And nothing brings me more comfort and relaxation than a good story and a cup of hot liquid.

Some books I actually pat.  You know, just pat them gently, let my fingers run across the spine or pages, as I walk by, or just hold them.  So comforting.

Favorite stories.

The Bible.

Photo albums. Journals.

Books are escapes, promises, and thought provoking.  How can you not hoard books?  I quote them, return to them, dream about them, give them.  The librarians know me.  The kids know that Amazon package is most likely books.  I usually have one in my purse or bag.

Ahhh.  Books.


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  1. Jane B October 14, 2014 at 8:35 pm #

    I love to read books. I love the heft of a good book, the way the paper feels, the smell of an old book, everything. I don’t and probable won’t own a Kindle-type reader. I like the feel of a book too much!

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