urgent prayer for Dyan

God does amazing things.  He is listening to prayers.


 Just yesterday a special friend of Dyan’s contacted me.  She wrote to me that this verse is very special to this young woman who was very recently diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer….I think within this month.  She was interested in possibly having me do some artwork for it.

I went to Dyan’s facebook page.  I found photos of a beautiful young woman who is super at basketball.  With brown hair and soulful brown eyes.  Someone you can tell is spiritual.  Someone who looks like she is probably a tomboy.

I also got an email yesterday with good news:  about MY brown haired, soulful brown eyed, spiritual, tomboy who is super at basketball that she is going to play up two grades for the local basketball program.  My Annika.

All morning as I sat homeschooling Annika, I could not get Dyan out of my mind.  I finally pulled out my journal and this came out…



Dyan’s favorite color is yellow…Annika’s orange.  So the sun had to have both…it had to be slightly basketball ish.  There had to be X kisses on her for boo boos–but not be girly or stand out.  She had to have my Annika’s crazy long arms that are so stingy with hugs, but so affectionate when you do get one.  The arms had to reach to heaven.  She had to have Dyan’s long hair.  The legs had to go off the page and stand taller than we will ever know.  The heart wasn’t orginally on…but showed up on my desk, probably from some other project and it slid under all my flotsam, and it begged to be added.

People, I immediately sent a photo to Caris, who at the EXACT SAME MOMENT messaged me to move forward.  Last night Dyan’s family posted the brain cancer is now Stage 4.  It is more aggressive.

Friends, God knew this is urgent.  He knew this one was not about me, not about my timeline, not about business.

We have been messaging back and forth all morning working out more details of how to share this artwork.  I knew I needed to share it with you immediately as well.  My eyes are overflowing with prayers as I am typing.

Please pray for her and all near her.

Thank you for supporting me, my art,the blog, facebook, etsy, everything.  You are making it possible for God to touch me.  You are making it possible for me, and you, to share HIS LOVE…and to let that love shine on a lot of other people.  I never dreamed this is where my art would take me.  But God did. And He is using every one of you to encourage me to keep creating and sharing.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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  1. Anonymous October 17, 2014 at 5:34 pm #

    Love this! Keep it going! keep it flowing! One pray at a time! An orchestra will do!

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