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Such sage advice, it is so easy to give all of my heart.  I am enjoying my year long sabbatical from volunteering.  I needed to pull back that piece of my heart for ME.

But you know what is kind of crazy?  I am giving away more than ever.  Just in a different way.  Through my art, which is my special time, and my therapy in a way, and my heart– but it  is for all of you as well.

It has been funny how, I thought I was pulling back for me.

But really I was pulling back for God.  Let me explain:  I was discussing Moses with a friend this afternoon.  (She is in a BSF study on him).  She talked about how God had to really teach Moses about doing things not in Moses time, but God time.  And how that is true for us as well.  I finally gave into God time.  I am doing what He has created me to do, right now, and it is an amazing trip so far!  I can’t wait to see where else He takes us!  By pulling back and saving a piece of my heart and time for myself, I opened a whole other piece of me to do God’s ministry and work.

In conversations with other friends lately, I have one who had not painted for YEARS.  She closed that part of her heart.  And she reopened it…and the most amazing artwork is flowing out of her…and you can see it in her face; the peace, happiness, and joy.  Another friend is building an amazing ministry around childbirth education and new mamas.  The same thing happens when she talks about it.  And the same with so many other women.  And then I talk to a few others, who right now have not opened that self heart, or they have had to close it off for awhile during different seasons with children, or new marriages, or moves.

They are all working on God’s time.  Sometimes our special part of our heart is devoted to other things.

Sometimes, that special self part is getting it’s season.

So back to how God is using my special self…As you saw, I have been working with Caris for Dyan who has brain cancer.  (complete strangers to me, until they found me on Etsy).  I am working with Renee to decorate a children’s wing in a church.

I am getting ready for a super big craft show!  One that I have always, sort of hoped, in the back of my heart, that I might be good enough to do.  One that scares me a little bit (10,000 people go through in two days, 40 years of tradition).  I live right across from this high school, so I have people parking in front of my house every year for this show.  I will get the chance to share my artwork, my work for God, with all of them!  Holy moly schmoly kaboly!

AND I have been working on a calendar.  It is almost complete.  I had to make special, horizontal artwork for it.  I decided to make them all faith based.  I will let you know when it is up on Zazzle.

Every day I am amazed at how God is expanding my heart for me, for you, for His work.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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