a Look and listen ATTItUDE



Attitude really is everything isn’t it?  When we decide to LOOK for GOOD in people we see it.

For example:

the tattoo artist/owner who :  one of the kindest men I know, donates money to charity and is trying to build his town up.

the bartender who:  will drop everything to talk to a friend and help, and shows up for every single one of his son’s games…and some of my daughter’s.

the mailman who:  is the crankiest man alive and I FINALLY got him to smile and crack a joke the other day.

To look for the good, to listen for the good, to feel the extraordinary in every day –the amazing gift of life and love, and then to share it with EVERY SINGLE PERSON.



Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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