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Pandora gave me the best play list on Thursday October 23.  I was walking Belle, singing and dancing like usual, but even more so because of the powerful music they gave me that morning.  I came home and wrote down the songs and decided I needed to share. I shared the first song the other day.  The second one was “Strong God” by Desperation Band.  I found this link about when he wrote it and it came from this same verse:


Here is the link to the story behind the song which is pretty stinking cool:

Which made me think about the last post and looking for who God wants us to see.  And about proclaiming how Good is Our Savior.  Especially to those who are in need.  Some of who we can see have physical needs.  Some may have emotional needs that aren’t readily visible.  But Jesus knows, and He sends us to do His work.

The chorus:

“Sing out, lift your voice and cry out.  Awesome is our strong God, mighty is our God.

Sing out , raise your hands and shout out.  Awesome is our God!

There is no higher, NO, there is no greater, NO, there is no stronger, than our God!”

He IS awesome.  I will sing, I will raise my hands, I will do His work.  I think you will too.  Am I right?

So here is the song:  Desperation Band:  Strong God


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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