Family music


Music is pretty important to me, can you tell?  I grew up in a family of musicians and singers.  One of my favorite all time memories is my mom’s side –sometimes as many as 30 of us–all singing the prayer before meals in four part harmonies and then singing carols at Christmas to the piano.  We had many music majors in college, some trained voices, some just beautiful in their own right.  We have had people remark on the wealth of talent among us and how the family blends to create such beautiful sounds.  Such a gift from God for each of us, to His glory.

(This is a choir singing “Be Present at Our Table Lord”…we sound pretty close to this when we sing it, for real.  We sing a few different lyrics.  click here)

And each time we sing together I remember how God has created us all as individuals, blood relations, but all so different.  The music overlooks all those differences to bring us together and make us one in the song.

Every family has its issues.  Some days my kids hate each other and are having knock down drag out punching fights.  Others they are rolling on the floor, hugging, giggling, tickling and loving on each other.

I know families that spend every waking moment together.  And others who do not even speak to each other.  There are families that have caused damage and pain.  There are families that the love they share is almost surreal.  Some families are the same DNA, some are friends who feel like family.  Some we choose, some not.

Because, really most of us probably fall somewhere in the middle, some low notes, some high notes, lots of harmonies among the melodies.  Lots of orchestral pieces.  Some heavy metal drum and electric guitar riffs.  Some lullabies.  Some dirges.  Some off key in the shower karaoke tunes from the 80’s.  Some Grammy winners.

ALL beautiful.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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