I am, You are


I am writing ahead of time again, because we are on the road, again.  This time we are headed to Virginia/Washington D.C to stay with dear framily–friends from Jeff’s GMAC days who, over all the moves and years, we have managed to stay close to.  Plus, I decided to take advantage of their current location for some excellent Civil War homeschooling opportunities.  And Jeff tends to be a war buff.

This week’s posts will be short and sweet.

Something to enjoy looking at, with just a bit to ponder.  Hopefully.

So in this month of thanksgiving, did you give thanks for yourself yet?  Because you are pretty stinking awesome.  And a lot of people are thankful for you.  Jesus is thank-full for you.

Make a list of why you should be thankful for YOU.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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