Autumn Trails



Hopefully we have had a beautiful drive through autumn trees.

Maybe not, probably mostly interstate.  But you know, a girl can always look hard for the beautiful.  Right?

I loved this quote when I saw it.  Straight paths can be so boring.  I walk the same sidewalk path every day with Belle.  Sometimes, when I am singing I go ahead and close my eyes and dance along and let Belle lead me along because I trust it will be the same old safe path as always.  Only once have I ran into a bush.

But you  know what is the best?  When you go hiking someplace new.  Or walking in a new city.  And you go around a bend/over a hill/through a tunnel and BLAMMO something new is there.  And it is the best thing ever.  I mean, like ,ever.

Ever feel like your life is that way?  Ever feel like being a Christian is that way?  You think you know what is up ahead.  Then God proves you wrong.  Sometimes its good, sometimes it hurts a lot more than running into a bush.  But Jesus always leads us to Him, salvation, heaven. LOVE, eventually, and the most amazing view,  EVER

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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