paralyzed with possibilities

IMG_0009So true!  What do you do when there are too many options?  I get stressed out, I question every choice I make, and then I ….clean and reorganize and purge.  Paint a new picture.  Read a book.  Start a completely random sewing project.   Anything but what I am supposed to be doing.

For example, I came to the office to call and cancel an appointment.  But I hate making phone calls.  I saw the computer lit up with the blog and sat down to write this instead.

There are opportunities everywhere we turn these days.  Countless events, fundraisers, people, phone calls, emails, websites, advertisements, volunteer needs…for me (someone who has issues with keeping boundaries) it can be completely overwhelming.  I have a hard time saying no.  I feel guilty saying no.  And everyone wants FULL commitment.  ALL your time.  And then once they get it they seem to want more and more and more.

Hence, the one year sabbatical from volunteering.

I have had to start sitting back and asking myself, “Do I NEED to do this?”

Not  CAN I, because of course I can.  It is definitely within my talents.

Not even just, do I have TIME  for this.  I can always make time.  I choose how to spend my time.

Not do I WANT to do this.  Of course I want to.  It would be interesting, fascinating, an excellent learning or social opportunity.  I want to support those around me.

But more, is this important to ME.   Does this fit in with the priorities that I have for myself at this very point in time.  Is this really beneficial for my family, myself, or my business.  Is this where Christ is pointing me?  That, especially, is the hard question.

Oy, I struggle with this.  I actually have a couple friends that I call regularly for just say no  pep talks.  My mother-in-law calls it SUV–stop unnecessary volunteering (although for me it goes beyond volunteering).

If I must say no to you, if I must bow out, know that these are never easy decisions for me.  Do any of you have a hard time with this?  How do you handle it?


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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