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Hello bloggy followers and friends!  I finished my first BIG MAJOR craft show just hours ago.  It was a roaring success and I definitely have the confidence to do more of them.  It was monetarily successful–lots of people took bags of artwork home.  But more so, it was ministry successful.  And that means more to me by far.

People cried in my booth.   Several times.  I cried, too, sometimes.  I got goose bumps.  I prayed with some of them right then and there.  I added some to my prayer lists.  I prayed silently for a few.  I met students from Olivet Nazarene University who are going to share my cards and artwork.  I met a woman opening a Catholic store who would like to sell my work.  I met new Christians.  I met a man from a Nazi concentration camp.  I met people working full time in the ministry.  I met a 40 something woman who never thought she or her sister would conceive, and they both believed, and they did.  I met a mama who’s heart is going out to her son.  I met a grandma who’s grandchild didn’t survive the womb.  So many cool people who are now in my heart for good.

God has so many different, wonderful children.  He is blessing me with meeting and building up each and every one of you.  You are building me UP!  So many of the tears were for people who are struggling, really hurting.  And to know  that my artwork gave them a sense of peace and inspiration, and that they were going to pass that on to others, just overwhelmed me with God’s amazing ability to use me as His hands and feet.

So, I feel like I am building a little subdivision:  Townhomes by Nicplynel.  Affordable housing, nice landscaping, and super close to this wonderful community built by this awesome developer named Jesus.  His are super deluxe homes.  And He is willing to share all of His amenities with everyone.

God is good.

All the time…the Olivet students replied.

God moments.

Or God winks one woman told me.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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