Make it Colorful Friday



Oh, Black Friday, I have mixed emotions about this day, as I am sure most of you do.  The doorbusters and sales make so many of the gifts I want to give at Christmas possible.  But the crowds can be so crazy.  We all have horror stories of things we have seen or heard of that happened in the crush to get just the right piece of technology or toy.

Today, if you are out, I dare you to take some of the Black out of the retail experience and take a few moments to brighten someone’s day with a little color, a little sunrise of hope, a ray of the sunshine that Jesus has placed in us.  The Reason for the Season, right?

It can be  little things that spread color.  A friend posted a photo on Facebook of a gorgeous sunrise on his way to Kansas City this fall and I had to paint it.  It warmed my soul all day.  It can be silly videos of kids giggling that trigger a day of smiles.  It can be an awesome Christian song from Mercy Me or Big Daddy Weave that leaves me humming and dancing all day.

So before you go out today or shopping all season for that matter, find at least one colorful, little thing that will bring you  joy.  Pause before you rush out the door and into the traffic, set down the list of wants, and thank God for all of the needs He has met.  Then share that joy with the lady pushing in line, the man shaking his fist for a parking spot, the overtired and frustrated retail help.  Send up a little prayer for them.

And enjoy the shopping, the blessing of being able to bless those around you, the blessing of people to love, and of being loved.  The blessing that God is with us every moment.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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