I am NOT a serious Christian

Something has occurred to me.

I am NOT a serious Christian.

I know, I know.  I should have realized this a long, long time ago.  You have probably already figured this out.  Let me illustrate.

Long ago, I was cast to play the part of Maria in our high school production of The Sound of Music.  I loved  Julie Andrews and the movie version.  I loved the part.  I loved singing the songs.  Unfortunately, a lot of people were upset that I got the part because I was only a sophomore, and that made it a difficult memory for a long time.  But you know what, the directors knew I was Maria….

I am prone to twirling, singing at a moment’s notice, dancing wherever I am, blurting out how I feel, being sentimental, a bit bossy, wearing odd clothing, a bit silly, and I have a huge capacity to see the good in others and have a monstrous faith in God that doesn’t quite fit in.

So the part was easy for me.

And I have finally realized, I am no nun.  They would never have let me in the convent.  I am not the super serious missionary type.  I am not the on my knees, verse memorizing, obedient, whispering, calm, sitting in my same spot of the pew, Bible toting, folded hands and eagle art making, law following, kind of Christian.  I am not a serious Christian.

(Which is funny, because I do still love a good traditional Lutheran stand up sit down chanty kind of service.)

OH NO.  In all reality,  I am a waving my arms, dancing in my car and stores, red and rhinestone and punky hair wearing, not so well behaved, yelling, laughing, switching spots and throwing people off at church, throwing out compliments and love to complete strangers, rainbows and crazy art making, deep friendship with God…like talking to Him out loud, kind of Christian.

Another craft show story…I loved when a teenage girl saw a print of  Lighthouse which is lyrics to the song by Rend Collective, and she started singing under her breath and doing actions (that she does with little people at her church, so cool).  I got goose bumps and couldn’t help singing out loud.  At a craft show.  Most booths did not have this going on.  Random singing.


I have decided to promote even more of this non-serious Christian, Jesus following sort of faith.  That is going to be a part of this ministry.  It is okay for us to be radical non-serious celebratory Christians.  God created me this way, to be not serious.  I am going to roll with it.  I am going to embrace not being a serious Christian.

And you know the best part?  We NEED both kinds of Christ followers.  God created us all different for a reason.  It is good to be a serious type.  It is good to be not serious.  IT IS GOOD to have a deep faith in our Creator and Savior.  IT IS GOOD to have a close friendship with HIM.




Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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