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I have a series for you  this week.  Actually I have several planned for this month.  The first one started with a list of Do’s I ran across early this fall.  I liked the first two, and then got a little ADD as usual and veered off and did my own thing.  I hope you enjoy them this week.

One DO is:  have high hopes for yourself.  We should have dreams.  We should believe that God created us to be more than we are right now…He always has something up his sleeve!

Hopes and dreams are one thing, expectations are another.  Remember that hopes can take a long time, especially in God time.  He operates on his own agenda, so don’t expect fireworks instantly.  Expect there to be bumps, high winds, birds dive-bombing you, and more as you cross the high wire of hope.  There are going to be sunshine rays and moments you feel like you are floating, too.  Make sure the tight rope of hope never ends, there is always more to do, enjoy and live for up ahead.

But do remember to keep low expectations of others:  you can’t control them.  You can’t expect them.  Low expectations = happiness when they do come through.

Let’s review:  high hopes for YOU, low expectations for others.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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