Plum and Breathe

Actually the song is by Plumb (click here for song)



I originally did not plan to share this journal page when I made it earlier this fall.  It is pretty raw.  The song was my anthem a few years ago.  It still is one of my favorites, but now I am able to listen and know that God did hear me.  But, transparency is good, right?  And this goes with this week’s theme, and maybe it will speak to one of you.

The lyrics say it perfectly when you are in a Blue December, or any month for that matter.  For me, this song was an all out singing at the top of my lungs, beating on my steering wheel.  Now, it is with my head bent and my hands spread wide so I can feel little spirit tingles.  Does music do that for you?  Do you get goose bumps or tingling in your fingers when it really touches you?  Obviously, I get that.

Remember how I said I was doing better earlier this week?  Yeah, well, the Christmas/end of the month/feeling a cold coming on/crazy schedules/not getting everything accomplished/my family annoying me/feeling a spiral coming of guilt that it could be worse/I better do something to get myself in order …HIT.  I am actually yelling to God right now that I NEED him.  Just trying to be transparent.

We are praying for you.  My hands are spread wide lifting you up.  I have a feeling you are praying for me too.   I am so thankful for all of you who stop by.  God knows you need Him.  He will keep your breaths steady.  He will keep mine steady.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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