A perfect storm is near.  It could be fantabulous.  It could be crazy.  Who knows?

Now is the calm before that storm.

You know that, so take a minute.  Let this blog post be your reminder.  Take five minutes, right now if you can.  Find someplace quiet.  I will probably hide in the laundry room–they want nothing to do with that place.  The bathroom, outside, they will find me.  (They being the children and Jeff and the dog).  Where can you go that will be quiet?  Go there.

Then…be STILL.

Enjoy the quiet.  Know that God is with you, that Jesus came to carry you.

Fill your soul with as much peace as possible.

Then…eat a bunch of sugar, turn up some oldies Christmas tunes, wrap yourself in tape and wrapping paper and just roll with the storm.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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