Live long and Prosper



This is a popular verse.  I do really like it.  This artwork is from last summer, but as I was reading a study recently it brought up this particular verse in relationship to people taking it out of context.  So I was curious and looked it up.  My guess is that the study author is referring to people looking for prosperity of material things.

In context, it is a letter Jeremiah sent to the elders of the Israelites who were exiles in Babylonia.  They were to establish homes, go ahead and live life, and pray for the welfare of the state.  God promises that after seventy years He will listen and restore them, bringing them back together as a nation.  Nothing about winning a lottery, long life–in fact you are going to be lucky to last the seven decades in reality, getting what you want, or immediate satisfaction here.


Like so many other verses in the Bible, God is not promising immediate action.  He does not promise earthly wealth.  God promises HIS prosperity and hope.  He does think of us, always planned to bring Christ, always planned grace, always planned to pull us back to Him.  What could show more prosperity than that?

My hope is that my faith will prosper so that I can live in the promise that I will return to Jesus one day.  That sounds like a pretty good reward to me.  What do you think?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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