Wishes vs Blessings



Remember that crazy million number of moments we have?  Remember how most of those are moments of happiness, goodness, and blessings?  As many as all the dandelion petals in a yard bright with yellow turned white.

We can look at that yard as full of weeds, blowing into everyone else’s yard poisoning the green.

Or we can look at it like children:  a full sweep of flowers to play love me/love me not, a million chances to blow the spindly little seeds miles away on breezes of wishes, hundreds of stems to curl around themselves in spirals of joy.  Each of those things a little blessing in and of itself.

How will you look at the world this year?  Will you make wishes?  Will you count the blessings you already have?  Will you look at both through new eyes?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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