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Scan-019That is right folks.  Every day is a fresh start and the one we should work on.  Can’t go back and change it.  Can’t go forward and plan it or worry about it.

Remember:  Low expectations for all the things out of our control.

God tested me this Christmas.  My family tried to make all sorts of plans to get together, which, when you all live in different states can be tricky.  And you know what?  Little of it worked out.  One family got sick, another needed to stay with other family members.  Jeff planned to smoke ribs for our Christmas Day dinner, but when he got his present out of the box, it was damaged.  So we had nachos.  I know, super special and fancy.

God had a vision for our holiday, and it was not the one I had forseen.  But as usual, His was better.

My sister broke down and got a dog for her family to make up for not getting to travel and being sick.  They are all very excited and an adorable dog is saved.

Instead of celebrating here, we are going to be at my parent’s house, and will get to celebrate with more people, who are in need of family at this time.

Instead of having a fancy dinner, we snuggled on the couch with nachos and giggles and capped it off with a nerf gun war.  Not formal–but actually more connecting.

We had the ribs two days later when Jeff could focus and play with his new toy all day and when we were all that much more thankful.

We stayed in Lockport, attended church here, and someone had the opportunity to share with me–they saw my faith during the service–and ya’ll know I needed to hear that!  God be workin’ on my Goal!

We have to trust that God’s vision is going to be bigger and greater than ours ever could be.  We have to trust that big or small problems can lead to bigger and better understanding, clarity, and life overall.  We can’t see the future, we can’t change the past.  We can work in the moment right now to make it the best we can, we can obey and comply, we can LOVE.  Today only.  And God will take care of the rest.

So how did God change your holiday plans?  Can you see ways it may have been a part of his bigger goal?  Some of the changes may have been devastating, but hopefully they pulled you closer to HIM.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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