Metric or English Standard measures don’t matter



There is a loaded statement.  How many of your blessings are you using in a day?  God gives each of us spiritual gifts.  He has a vision for how we will use them.  Remember, we may not know exactly how He has it planned to play out, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore or waste those talents.

***It also does not mean we have to go nuts doing as much as we can until we are burnt out!  Just gotta throw out that disclaimer for those of us who have a tendency to over do it!***

BUT, if we don’t use them at all, it sure makes it hard for God to bless us through those talents, now doesn’t it?  He can’t bless us very much if we sit on the couch and watch tv constantly or sit and stare into space.  Make sure you are out of the nothing box in your brain.  Can’t use what was lost yesterday, can’t carry it into tomorrow.  Gotta use it today.

For each day we use to His glory, He will give us another.  It may be here, it may be in heaven for eternity.  Eternal life and joy measured out to you…now that is a blessing!  That makes me want to use my faith and talents in abundance just to thank God for that super cool opportunity each and every day.

Can’t be measured in centimeters, pounds, liters, or tablespoons.  It is measured in LIFE.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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