Hot Mess Grace



A funny one today:  I posted this on Facebook**** awhile back, I don’t remember why….I think because I got up on my soapbox and went a little crazy.

I still like this gal, with her pink cheeks–her honesty, embarrassment, realism, and sassiness.  You know what, I don’t know if all this was in God’s original design for women or if it is all Eve’s fault, but hormones are one of life’s realities.  At all ages (as I can attest to in our house with two tween girls and myself, and even our quirky female doxie) we cannot escape the hormones.  Uffda.

So whether you are in your own hot mess, or living with one, or dealing with one at say…Walmart, let’s all remember to laugh and give each other a little grace today.

I think I just need to stop shopping at Walmart.  Those employees slip into the blog way too often.

****By the way, that reminds me.  Have you FOLLOWED  on Facebook or the blog yet?  It doesn’t take much, or long…just go over to that column on your right.  There are spots for both.  Just click away bloggy friends!  I love when you join me!  And thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed recently.  Ya’ll sure know how to make a girl smile!  It makes my hot mess a lot happier.






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