Impressive Young Skywalker

I am not a Star Wars fan, but I often find myself telling my kids, “Impressive young Skywalker.”

It is one of those rolling off the tongue things, I enjoy the way it sounds.  Plus it is fun.

But, are my kids actually being impressive?  Awesome?  Amazing?  Our culture tosses around those words like kids in a dodgeball game.  And just like in that game, sometimes they hit the mark, most of the time they are just thrown away.  I catch myself sometimes and try to use my vast vocabulary (ha!) to actually give them praise in a meaningful way, but not as often as I should.  I often get annoyed with over clapping, over trophy-ing, over rewarding, building people up to standards that are unreal.

Really, who I, and all of us, should be impressed by  is….



Because, really?  Anything we do pales in comparison to the work of the Creator.

How would we change our perspective, and kid’s, if we said,

“Wow, you did a great job using the talents God gave you.”  “It is fantastic how you worked so hard.”  “I loved the way you put all you had into that.””I am really proud of the great choices you made.”

How would those statements affect all of us?  How would it affect us if we truly took a moment to remember to be impressed by all God has accomplished, willed, created, loved, and been amazingly awesome for eternity???

Find something truly impressive in your day, and I bet it has God’s hand all over it.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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