Fly in a big way



This is another piece from last summer, really, I paint more than I can keep up blogging.  Hence, why you get art almost every day  now.  This one was inspired by the barn swallows dive bombing my parent’s poor cat.  They are such a fun bird to watch, little dare devils they are, swooping and spinning up and down and all over.  And I heard Jamie Grace’s new song Do Life Big about the same time.  To me, it matched up.  I saw those birds taking all sorts of chances with grace and agility.  Their yellow bellies would flash in the sunlight and you could almost see a sparkle in their eyes.  It was just FUN.  Not halfway, but all out celebration in flight.

When was the last time you took a chance and did something just for the FUN of it?  It can be something simple…you wore that crazy outfit combo?  You stopped and got dessert in the middle of the day by yourself?  You bought a bouquet of flowers for your table?  You hung out in a book store and read all the old Calvin and Hobbes comics?  You went sledding if you are in the cold or surfing for our lucky warm friends?  Maybe it was just staying up extra late to watch a favorite movie.

Sometimes something fun and fresh can break up the monotony and bring that sparkle back–which can be so important this time of year.  Because at the same time, it awakens gratitude and grace.  All those wonderful endorphins wake up and start swooping through out veins.  It’s funny how God set that up, isn’t it?

How could you change your day by doing life big today?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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