Fight the Good Fight



Good morning!

There are a lot of races in life.  A lot of fights to get through.  Some are short but seem loooong:  my family has had the flu one at a time for the last two weeks, ending with me last Wednesday-Saturday.  I thought it would never end, despite the very short time period.

Some are years in the making.  My family came to visit this weekend from Iowa and Ohio, which was awesome because we only get to have everyone all together once or twice a year.  One of our celebrations marked my 40th year.    Soon we will celebrate my “little” guy’s 7th.

Some races are literal, I have a friend that ran in two Ironman races this fall.  She is awesome!  She has been training for years for this, what a huge accomplishment.

Maybe you are looking for a new job, waiting for a cure to an illness/disease, getting through college, waiting for a baby or an adoption, waiting for a vacation, a new home, a visit, a call, a drive through…..

Like my nephew asked all the way from Iowa, “Are we on the fast road?  When are we going to get there?  Shouldn’t we take a fast road?  Why are those cars going faster Daddy?  Which road do we need to take?”  Six hours worth of waiting.

We always want things Now.  But that isn’t always 1.  Possible  2.  In God’s Plan.  His master plan and timing are all up to HIM, our creator.  Our Savior will lead us eventually to HIM.  And that is what all things really lead to…the love and the grace that He gives us and teaches us to share.

In this verse Paul is in prison.  He is sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting.  But he can have a light heart, because he knows that he did what was needed.  He kept faith.  If we can do the same…even in times when it takes years of waiting, or the waiting is excruciating…we can turn to God.  He will help us fight this fight.  He will help us keep the faith.

And in the very end, we are all rewarded with Jesus.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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