Progress at the rate of a Turtle

Sometimes, I feel like my artwork, this blog, and the Etsy shop are taking off and doing more than I ever expected.  And other days, I feel like it can’t move faster to my ultimate goal fast enough.  And I have to remind myself, that continuous progress is what really matters.

This is not one of the better art pieces, I sort of ran out of space.  But I still wanted to share it.


Plato said that.  387 B.C. ish.  It sometimes amazes me to think that 2500 years ago they needed this reminder.  I think of how many times Jesus had to remind his disciples in the Bible.  (You can tell he really wanted to give some of them a V8 slap up side the head sometimes.  I love when He repeats Himself over and over and over.  I would LOVE to see His “teacher look”…you know He had one.)  I think of how I have to be reminded constantly.

During a discussion this weekend with my family (we love a good political, religious debate) we talked about the Israelites vs. everyone in the Old Testament.  Talk about slow progress and not getting it!  Humanity is SLOW.  So many times we just don’t get it.  Progress is like watching mold grow on the leftovers in the fridge.

We are not going to have fast progress all the time.  We are just not.  We are fighting fights that have been around for centuries.  Very little is truly new.  People have thought that they had it the hardest, newest, slowest, most violent, least faithful for centuries.

But does this mean we should give up?  Never.  We are all making progress, one day at a time through this life.  All of us.  We should never discourage ourselves or anyone who is trying to follow God’s path, anyone who is trying to do the right thing, anyone making the turtle steps toward the big goal.  Build one another up.  Encourage one another.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.
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