Proverbs 31 Woman


Proverbs 31 Woman:  it is a tagline we see often.  There are whole ministries surrounding these verses.  And they are good.  I see it mean a lot of different things to different people.

Today the part that is striking me is:  LAUGHS.  She laughs without fear.  At the future.  Because she knows that she is surrounded by God and has strength in Him.

She has HUMOR.  Such an incredibly important part of life.  And too often overlooked.  Too often poo-pooed as not serious enough, not deep enough, not intellectual enough.


I think it is the most important part of life.  If we can’t laugh at ourselves, at others, at the silly stuff we say and do, at the crazy things that just happen, at the future, what is our time worth?  Worrying?  Fear? I say it takes a crazy strong person to be able to LAUGH, to say I am not going to be mired down, that I am not going to take things too seriously, that I am backed by a God who has got this, now and forever.  Now, that is faith.

So here is a funny:  Tim Hawkins.  You need to youtube this guy.  My good friend introduced us to him this week.  He sings Bible Atheist songs.  He has a list of Christian cuss words, which my kids picked up on immediately.  They have been walking around the house all week saying, “Shove a crud muffin in your pie hole you fart knocker!”  all week and end up in fits of giggles on the floor.  What does that even mean?  Nothing.  All because those were the words they picked up on from the list.  My husband was appalled until I explained that they are playing with these words, and feel like they are getting away with something really big.  In reality, it is not big, but something to take strength in that our kids have found humor, that it is in something innocuous, that they can enjoy our language, that they can live in the moment without fear or worry.  That they can enjoy the laughter and endorphins God planned for us.

For they can laugh in the strength and dignity of their faith.

Shut the front door.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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