Time Flies



Do you have a good concept of time?  I don’t, not really.  For example, today I sat on the couch reading a good book, nodded off, and before I knew it I woke up and it was dark outside and I had to rush to get dinner figured out.  Yesterday, I wrote down on two different calendars Annika’s basketball game was at one, only to arrive and find out it was at noon.  I can plan ahead one week at a time, but what is going on the next week?  Not sure.  I will undoubtedly be surprised with it when it arrives.  Other times, I am amazed at how much I accomplish and how little we miss or are late for considering how many commitments we have.

I was reading Unbroken this afternoon and time played a huge part:  first they floated with nothing for 47 days, then sat in silence in POW camps, then were forced to work 18 hour days.  It made me wonder, which was worse?  The waiting with nothing to do?  Or meaningless, endless, backbreaking work?   The thing that really stood out to me about Zamperini’s survival is how he piloted his time.  He made sure his mind was in use continually, and it is probably what helped save him.

It made me think about how I pilot my time.  Do I use it wisely? Am I using my mind?  Am I truly letting God guide me?  I can decide how my time here on earth is utilized each day.  Did I use it loving others?  Or, like the artwork above, was I a predator bearing down on prey?  Was I the prey and I hid?  Or was I wise enough to escape situations?

Before I let time fly this week, before I mess up our schedule, I am going to be prayerful about it.  I am going to make an honest attempt to use my time wisely this week.  And that does include sitting on the couch to finish my book.  🙂

How about you?

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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