harvest time

Oooh, shocks of wheat or corn blowing in the wind on a crisp autumn day.  Harvest time in rural areas is a special time of its own.  A time, hopefully, of celebration and thanksgiving.

Are you thinking, what?  Nicole…it’s January, that was months ago?




Aahh, but as Jesus said, “The harvest is NOW.”

I find it interesting that many churches wait to find new members.  Often thinking, “Oh they will come to us.  We will get them at Christmas or Easter.” or “We’ll build up our current members later.”

Or how many Christians think, “I can wait to learn about the Bible.  Prayer can come later. I’ll make it to worship next time. I’ll give and support ministries when that bill is paid off.  I will be honest and open about my faith next time.”   I know, because I am guilty of those things.

During the harvest of plant crops, it needs completed NOW.  Before the rain or snows, before animals get it, before…whatever.  Farmers stay in the fields night and day to bring in those crops with an incredible sense of urgency.

Jesus is saying every day is a harvest for Christians.  Every day should have that sense of urgency to spend time with Him–in word, prayer or service. Or all three.  Now.  Now is the time to harvest our faith, to cultivate new members, and to store up the crops for His worship.  Now.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.


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