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In honor of the snowstorm in Chicago, and all of the other places for that matter, I am going to celebrate staying inside with a good book this week.  My kids will be outside a good chunk of the time, no doubt, reveling in the beautiful white world.  But, when I am not making art and working on assignments, I will be on the couch, with my quilt, my coffee, my dark chocolate covered cherries (Yay for Aldi), and a big old stack of books.IMGI own a lot of books.  I have sold a lot of books at garage sales and used book stores.  I have given a lot of books away.  I am in a book club that feeds my brain and my heart.   I am on Amazon ordering new ones all the time (a new set of states and regions are on their way).  Speaking of…did you know you can get used books on there for a penny?  Of course there is shipping, but a penny???  I love it.  My favorites tend to be brain candy romances, historical fiction, art books, ones on faith (devotions, histories, studies), and children’s books (love, love, love the poetry and illustrations).  And I am at the library a couple times a week, once we checked out 78 books (for a month of homeschooling).  One of my favorite things about homeschooling is not using textbooks, but raiding the library for every imaginable text on a subject, and using literature.

Right now I am reading four different books.  I have four different devotionals I choose from.  Plus, I am re-reading Little Women  with Phoebe and listening to Annika read Hoops.  You will always find stacks of books around our house, or as a friend called them, “nests.”

But the book that never leaves the pile is my Bible.  I have an Oxford Annotated, monster, red hardcover, from college religion classes that I prefer.  I like the fonts, the paper quality, the notes, and it is NRSV– so pretty easy to follow.  It is 7x9x3.  Seriously, it does not travel with me.  But I love the heftiness of it for at home.  It is so sturdy, and just….there.  It stands out, the way a Bible should.  My mom just got the girls beautiful leather bound versions and we have been reading them in the morning.  They are perfect first Bibles.  I still have my first Bible from my grandma, and I own three others.  But the Oxford is my favorite.  It sits there and it screams my name, “Nicole, look at me!  Open me!  Hear what God has for you today!”

And it always speaks to me.  I am a product of an endless supply of books, but the Bible is the one that has shaped who I am at my core.  As it should be.  There have been books that left their imprint on me, made me think, changed the way I think, influenced my everyday life, but none like the Bible.  Open yours.  Hear God’s word.  Let it soak into your very being.  And may it never leave your side.


Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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