Children as Readers



My parents always supplied me with books.  They knew I was ravenous for the written word.  Mom was great about getting me to the library and reading out loud to us.  She set that precedent, and I did the same with my own babies.  I started reading to them in the womb, and then even as tiny infants.  I have modeled that reading is an important part of our day.  And not just books, but all kinds of text.  And not just fiction, but nonfiction, and –their own stories.  I always scrapbooked not just for the art of it, but to record their stories, those real life happenings that shape who they are.

And the most important text is the Bible.  Again, Mom, all my aunts and grandparents, made God’s word an important and normal part of everyday life as a kid.  And now my dad shares verses with me from his daily internet devotions and my cousins share the Word.    I love knowing that we are linked and affected by the same text each day.  My kids know that I open my Bible daily.  They know a lot of the stories of the Bible, passed down through the generations, and know that they are real life, just like the stories of their own days.  I want them to know the stories that shaped our world, our ancestors, God’s people, Jesus, the apostles, and more.  I want them to make their faith their own.  And reading the Bible is the best way to do that.  I became a Christian in the laps of my family, and my kids are doing the same.  What a wonderful tradition, one I hope your family experiences.

Go, Tell, and make disciples of all nations--spread the good news.

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